Nowadays orthodontic treatment doesn’t mean spending months or possibly years wearing indiscreet braces. Thanks to lingual systems like eBrace, orthodontists can now fit your braces behind your teeth. What’s more, if you’re simply looking to align your front teeth, your braces could be on and off in a matter of months.

eBrace Visual (pictured below) has been specially designed for patients who want a discreet solution to crooked front teeth. It works in the same way as the original eBrace and features the same custom-made brackets and wires. The key difference is that eBrace Visual is only fitted behind your front six or eight teeth.

eBrace Visual

Why choose eBrace Visual?

If you’re only concerned about the appearance of your front teeth, and you’re happy with the way they function and bite together, eBrace Visual could be the brace for you.

It won’t move your back teeth, but it can make quick work of crooked front teeth, making it an efficient and cost-effective alternative to comprehensive lingual treatment.

Is eBrace Visual faster?

eBrace Visual can’t move your teeth any faster than eBrace, or any brace for that matter. How quickly your teeth move is largely down to biological factors. However, because it’s only moving your front teeth, treatment times can be much shorter.

This is partly because crooked or crowded front teeth are usually straightforward to treat. It’s moving your back teeth and adjusting your bite that takes more time.

Advantages of eBrace Visual

  • It’s extremely discreet, with the brackets and wires hidden from sight behind your teeth.
  • It’s available in a choice of materials to suit your budget, including nickel chrome, cobalt-chromium alloy and gold alloy (a good choice for anyone with a nickel allergy).
  • Your brackets and wires will be custom-made to ensure maximum efficiency and control for precise results. While smooth edges and a low-profile design help to improve comfort.
  • Problems such as mild crowding or spacing can usually be treated in less than six months.
  • Thanks to fewer brackets and shorter treatment times, straightening just the front teeth can be more affordable.
  • Because the brackets are only fitted to your front teeth, there can be less initial irritation to your tongue.
  • Brackets on the front teeth are usually less likely to be knocked off and easy to keep clean throughout your treatment.
  • It’s convenient for your orthodontist too, and fitting your brace can take less than 30 minutes.

eBrace Visual can also offer several advantages over clear aligner systems, which can also be used to straighten the front teeth:

  • Your brace will be fixed in place throughout your treatment; it’s always working and there’s no risk of not wearing it for long enough or losing it.
  • Fixed braces can be very precise and achieve a wider range of movements than clear aligners. In some cases, they can even straighten teeth faster than clear aligners.
  • They also provide your orthodontist with more flexibility, so they can customise and adapt your treatment to achieve the best possible outcome.

eBrace Visual has many benefits, and for some patients it’s the perfect substitute for conspicuous and lengthy orthodontic treatment.

However, it’s important to mention that it’s not the right brace for everyone. If your case is complex, or your back teeth need moving, you may not be suitable for eBrace Visual. Similarly, your orthodontist may recommend fitting braces to your front and back teeth for the best result.

While the appeal of less time in braces is understandable, you’ll be wearing your new smile for many years to come, so it’s important to consider your choices carefully.

To find out more about eBrace Visual and all the options available to you, take the next step and organise a consultation with your local eBrace orthodontist.

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