What is an orthodontist infographic

What is an orthodontist?

Orthodontists are the teeth straightening aficionados of the dental world. They are qualified dentists who have gone on to complete three years of full-time training in orthodontics.

In the UK, orthodontists are registered with the General Dental Council as specialists in orthodontics. There are currently 41,581 general dentists registered in the UK, compared to just 1,380 specialist orthodontists.

Unlike general dentists, who provide a wide range of treatments, orthodontists focus on straightening and aligning teeth and jaws. Dentists can straighten teeth too, they just haven’t had the same level of training as an orthodontist.

Orthodontists straighten teeth using fixed and/or removable braces. Conveniently, these now come in many shapes and sizes including clear aligners and virtually invisible lingual braces.

Many orthodontists provide both NHS and private orthodontic care, treating patients of all ages. Thanks to the growing number of ‘invisible’ braces, orthodontic treatment has become increasingly popular among adults.

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