What is eBrace?

Say goodbye to traditional teeth straightening – and hello to eBrace, a discreet alternative to train-track braces that’s cleverly hidden behind your teeth.

eBrace is a type of lingual brace. It has metal brackets and wires just like a traditional brace, but instead of being on show for all to see, it’s covertly attached to the back of your teeth.

It offers all of the benefits of a fixed brace, including excellent precision and control, but it’s so discreet that most of your friends and colleagues won’t even know it’s there.

Your eBrace

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to orthodontics. That’s why, with eBrace, your treatment will be tailored around you.

We’ll custom-make your brackets and wires, using computer-aided design technology to fit your teeth as closely as possible, providing maximum control and fantastic results.

You can even choose the material that we’ll use to create your brace, whether that’s nickel chrome, cobalt-chromium alloy or even gold alloy (perfect for anyone with a nickel allergy).

We’ll work closely with your orthodontist to ensure that you receive not only the best results, but the best possible experience too.


The original eBrace is now in its third generation, and keeps going from strength to strength. Suitable for all ages, it can handle even the most complex orthodontic problems, from straightening crooked teeth to correcting bite problems – helping you to achieve a radiant, confident smile.

eBrace Visual

If you’re only concerned about the appearance of your front teeth, allow us to introduce eBrace Visual. It’s been specially created to treat just the front six or eight teeth, providing patients who don’t need ‘the full works’ with a speedier and more cost-effective option.


eLock is a self-ligating version of the original eBrace. It features small sliding clips that hold the arch wire in place, which create less friction than traditional elastic bands, allowing your teeth to move more efficiently. These clips also make it easier for your orthodontist to change your arch wires, which can result in shorter appointments.

Why choose eBrace?

eBrace can be used to treat a wide range of problems and it’s suitable for all ages – making it a great option for anyone who is looking to straighten their smile.