The biggest benefit of lingual braces is clear – or rather ‘invisible’ – they’re completely hidden, making them a popular choice for image-conscious patients who don’t want to show off their brace.

The advantages of eBrace don’t end here though. Here are some other features and benefits for you and your orthodontist.


eBrace is designed and manufactured using computer-aided technology. This means we custom-make every bracket to precisely fit teeth of all shapes and sizes. This accuracy gives your orthodontist better control and also improves the bond between the bracket and your tooth.


Lingual braces can take some time to get used to thanks to their close proximity to your tongue. You might find that they rub initially and give you a slight lisp (don’t worry, this should quickly improve). To help minimise these problems, we’ve designed our brackets to be as thin as possible, with smooth edges and rounded corners for maximum comfort.


Transfer trays can make the experience of having your brace fitted a speedier and consequently more comfortable one. Instead of attaching each bracket one-by-one, your orthodontist can fit your brace quickly and conveniently using a custom-made tray (pictured below) that contains your brackets.



While it’s important for braces to be as comfortable as possible, most importantly, they need to be great at straightening teeth. We’ve designed eBrace to move teeth effectively with the help of special features such as longer and deeper slots for improved control. We can also provide second brackets for severely crowded or rotated teeth, allowing complex problems to be treated efficiently using a hidden brace. Many eBrace providers anecdotally report that eBrace straightens teeth faster than conventional fixed braces.


eBrace puts the control in your orthodontist’s hands, allowing them to customise your brace to give you the best possible experience and outcome. Among other things, they can specify the material we use to manufacture your brace according to your budget and compatibility. They can also customise your brace with special attachments to achieve specific movements and excellent results.


eBrace keeps getting better. Right now, we’re starting clinical tests for a new bracket design, which will help to create an even stronger bond between the bracket and tooth. We’re also improving the process used to position brackets on your teeth to further improve control and accuracy. Last but not least, we are updating our software to give orthodontists the ability to make changes directly to their patients’ proposed treatment plans.

We’re always looking to improve and value our customers’ feedback. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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